Delta County has options for construction from commercial applications and home construction.


Look Buildings LLC

1064 Main Street



“Fast, Easy, Strong”

Look Buildings have increased strength and rigidity.  The engineered pre-fab panels are of local manufacture with an eye on maintaining our product to an exceedingly high standard.  Building commercial, residential, and agricultural buildings to your specification.  We put them up fast, or do it yourself!  Our engineered wood frame buildings can be sided with metal, wood siding or stucco.  At Look Buildings we believe that, “You Can See the Difference.”


B & G Construction: 970-872-4253

Burch Construction: 970-874-8817

DanCot Steel Buildings: 970-872-2222

Dirt Merchant Construction: 970-874-4151

ECO Construction: 970-872-3041

Electric Mountain Alternative Power & C: 970-527-4059

Gary George Roofing & Construction: 970-872-3291

Hershberger Construction: 970-874-5594

Industrial Systems Inc .: 970-874-4461

Intuitive Design: 970-856-7178

Jones Construction: 970-872-3114

Kingdom Konstruction: 970-835-8688

Kissner G C: 970- 835-7910

Locke Construction: 970-856-3711

Nicholoff Summit Construction: 970- 527-3997

Pioneer Excavating: 970-874-3633

Ragged Bear Ranch Construction: 970-929-6255

Reeder Construction: 970-275-2266

Stonewolf Construction: 970-835-9603

Sukle Construction: 970-234-9511

Summit Mechanical: 970-874-8220

Tri R Builders: 970-527-4680

Werlin Construction: 970-872-6210

Contractors, Remodel & Repair:

Dirt Designs & Construction: 970-835-8170

Electric Mountain Alternative Power: 970-527-4059

Gary George Roofing & Construction: 970-872-3291

Mountain West Roofing: 970-872-1133

Home Builders:

Designers & Builders: 970-872-3366



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