Certified Naturally Grown

Certified Naturally Grown is a non-profit alternate farm assurance certification program created for small-scale organic farmers.  The goal is to strengthen the organic movement by preserving high organic standards and removing financial barriers that tend to exclude smaller farms that are selling locally and directly to their customers.

Certified Naturally Grown Farms:

Austin Family Farm:  970-260-4298
Cobblestone Farm:  970-872-3026
Dancing Dog Farm:  970-872-1109
Fire Mountain Farm & Apiary:  970-527-4499
I-Guana Farm:  970-835-5027
Osito Orchard:  970-498-9460
Pristine Valley Farm:  970-527-3497
Rain Crow Farm:  970-527-4625
Rivendell Farm:  970-874-3840
Round Earth Farm & Turkey Hill CSA:  970-872-4413
Thistle Whistle Farm:  970-872-4959

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