Certified Organic Farms

“An organic farm, properly speaking, is not one that uses certain methods and substances and avoids others; it is a farm whose structure is formed in imitation of the structure of a natural system that has the integrity, the independence and the benign dependence of an organism”
Wendell Berry, “The Gift of Good”


USDA Certified Organic:

Abundant Life Organic Farms:  970-985-8842
Borden Farms, LLC:  970-874-5383
Delicious Orchards:  970-527-1110
DR Fish Fertilizer Co:  970-872-4660
Ela Family Farms:  970-872-3488
Excelsior Orchard:  970-527-6860
First Fruits Organic Farms:  970-527-6122
Mesa Wind Farm:  970-250-4788
North Fork Organics:   970-872-4500
Ripe 2 You:  970-261-1073
Rodgers Mesa Fruit Co:  970-872-2155
The Living Farm:  970-527-3305
White Buffalo Farm, Inc.:   970-527-3041
Zephyros Farm & Garden:  970-527-3636

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