Hard Cider consumption dates back millennia. Up into the 19th Century, apples for the most part were a bit bitter and mostly used for the pressing into juice to be fermented.

In 1607 apple seeds and cuttings were imported from England by the Jamestown settlers. Many of the first apples harvested by the settlers were bitter and hence perfect for hard cider. These English settlers were the beneficiaries of over 500 years of apple cultivation in England. It was the Norman invasion in 1066 that introduced apples into the England. During the colonial period, fermented cider served as a safe drink during meals instead of water. Hard Cider due to its mild alcoholic content, cider was free of harmful bacteria, as well as parasites.

Today, hard cider can be a drink that tastes dry and as bubbly as Champagne, with a refreshment quality on par with beer. The high altitude of Delta County, combined with an abundance of sunshine, supported with snow melt run-off produces some of the best apples in Colorado. Taste the difference at the cidery:

Snow Capped Cider
Tasting Room:
250 S. Grand Mesa Drive

Snow Capped Cider is located in Cedaredge Colorado. We proudly celebrate 106 years and 5 generations in premium Colorado apple growing. Apples are our business and Hard Cider is our passion.

We handle 100% of our product from “Branch to Bottle.” Our Ciders are made from fresh picked apples grown at an altitude of 6180 ft. for over a century. The warm days and cool nights capture the crisp taste of Colorado. We strive to combine old world style Cider-making with modern fermentation and aging techniques offering a variety of unique flavors appealing to any palette.

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