Surface Creek Champion Digitization Project

The Surface Creek Valley Historical Society is having a benefit concert for the digitization of the “Surface Creek Champion.” This event will take place on May 18, 2019, 7 pm, at the Grand Mesa Arts and Events Center. Located on Main Street, at 195 W. Main, the arts center is a hub of activity in the area supporting the arts.

The Surface Creek Champion Newspaper Project
Colorado State Library, Colorado Historic Newspapers

The Surface Creek Valley Historical Society (SCVHS) is in possession of about 40 years of editions of The Surface Creek Champion, a weekly newspaper that was published by C.W. Brewer in Cedaredge from 1904 to 1943. The original printing press is part of the Print Shop display at the Pioneer Town Museum. Most of the collection, comprising 12,000 pages or more, is in hardbound books in the Society’s archives. Some of the collection has been microfilmed and is currently housed at the Cedaredge Public Library. There is a desire to digitize the collection so that it is more readily accessible to those in pursuit of historic Surface Creek Valley information from that timeframe.

Colorado State Library maintains a broad collection of Colorado Historic Newspapers. It provides them in digitized form through its Colorado Virtual Library. The library uses third-party vendors to digitize the newspapers, and one of its vendors is offering a discounted rate for such digitization for a limited time. The SCVHS board would like to take advantage of that discount to convert its collection into usable digitized copies that would then be housed at the Colorado State Library and its Virtual Library site, Pioneer Town Museum, Colorado State Historical Society, and the Cedaredge Public Library.

Depending on the final number of pages to be digitized, and the format provided for digitization (hardcopy or microfilm), the cost of the project will range between $12,000 and $15,000. Funding is being sought to support the project.

Anyone interested in funding the project, in whole or in part, can donate to the Surface Creek Valley Historical Society, Inc. (SCVHS) specifying the funds are designated for the Surface Creek Champion Newspaper Project.

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