Blue Sage Center for the Arts, Animation Show of Shows: June 21, 2019

The 19th Annual Animation Show of Shows, a night of shorts animation for the entire community, is coming to Paonia June 21 starting at 6pm at the Blue Sage Center for the Arts. The night is a collaboration between Arts 4 All, Aspen Art Museum, the Blue Sage Center for the Arts, Paradise Theater, and the Animation Show of Shows. Tickets are $10 for adults and will be free to children.

The night starts with a special showing of the Arts for All Kids Short Fest: Paonia and Aspen Art Museum Young Film Makers. Shorts will be presented from the Arts 4 All Digital Animation, Film and Motion Design Workshop sponsored by the Aspen Art Museum and taught by Katie Hadar. In addition, Kids shorts from the Aspen Art Museum’s Stop Motion Animation Workshop will also be shown.

The night continues with a screening of award winning international animated short films curated by Ron Diamond at the Paradise Theater. Ron has been annually curating and producing this show for the past 20 years, seeking out over 1,000 international animated short films each year culling them down in an effort to package 11-16 of the most extraordinary of them all into feature length programs and to introduce them to a much wider audience. Since its inception in 1998, of the over 200 films featured over the years, 40 of them went on to receive Academy Award nominations, and 11 took Oscars. But more exciting than that is the show has become a platform for people all over the country and in multiple other countries to discover beautiful narratives in these films mostly in art house movie theaters, museums, film societies and at colleges and universities from community colleges to elite universities including Harvard, Princeton, Georgetown and Dartmouth. “It’s my goal to broaden people’s awareness of great animated works in an effort to spread the good word that these are highly entertaining while also on occasion carrying bigger insights that are important to society as a whole and hopefully breed positivity and openness to people of all cultures and nationalities.”

This is a magical event and a great community event that every child and adult should see. For
more information or to buy tickets go to or call 970-527-7243.

*There will be additional showings of past Show of Shows at the Paradise Theatre Friday & Saturday at 11am.*

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