Juan Rivera’s Colorado, 1765

Monday, March 16th
6:00 – 8:00 pm
Room B, Bill Heddles Recreation Center

Free admission

6:00 pm – Book Signing – Juan Rivera’s Colorado, 1765, The First Spaniards among the Ute
and Paiute Indians on the Trail to Teguayo. The Comprehensive Illustrated Trail Study and
Ethnohistory of the original Rivera journals and English Translations.
In partnership with the Hispanic Affairs Project, the Interpretive Association and Fort
Uncompahgre is proud to host local historian and author Steve Baker.

The history of the Uncompahgre Valley is typically recounted from the perspective of late 19th
century white settlement⁠—which commenced in earnest with the removal of the Ute Indians and
the few Mexicans who lived among them. There is, however, a seldom-spoken-of history of the
valley, when it was claimed by Spain, Mexico, and then the United States. An archaeologist and
historian, Baker will discuss the early Spanish, Mexican, and Ute presence on the Western Slope,
drawing from his many years of research into the early history of the region and his recent book
Juan Rivera’s Colorado, 1765: The First Spaniards Among the Ute and Paiute Indians on the
Trails to Teguayo. The book was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award.

Steven G. Baker is an ethnohistorian and registered professional archaeologist from Montrose,
Colorado. He has conducted research into the early history of west-central Colorado for nearly
50 years and has served as president of Centuries Research, Inc.

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