Delta Health Urology

Delta Health Oncology and Hematology
1501 East 3rd Street

Delta Health Oncology and Hematology is located in the Grand Mesa Medical Pavilion at 1501 East Third Street in Delta. The new clinic is home to Urologists who specialize in treating a range of problems that affect the urinary tract as well as the reproductive system in both men and women.

“Delta County Memorial Hospital is thrilled to be opening the new Grand Mesa Urology Clinic,” said Matt Heyn, CEO for DCMH. “Grand Mesa Urology will offer a range of services from world-class physicians who are ready to meet the Urological needs in Delta County.”

Our Complete men's and Women's urology services include:

  • General urology care for men and women.
  • Urological cancer treatment.
  • Bladder and kidney Stones.
  • Prostate treatments, enlarged prostate, prostate cancer.
  • Male infertility and sexual depression.
  • Reproductive testing.
  • Incontinence treatment.
  • Vasectomy/reversal.
  • Urinary infections.

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