New Pediatrics Clinic Joining Delta Health

Delta, CO (March 1, 2021)– Delta Health is excited to announce the opening of its new
pediatrics clinic which will provide compassionate, quality, pediatric healthcare to Delta
County starting in March 2021.

With 22 years of experience, Delta Health Pediatrics is also excited to welcome its new
provider, Dr. Amanda Lovette. Originally from Houston, Texas, Lovette is dedicated to
meeting the needs of the children in the community by providing remarkable

“We are excited to have Dr. Lovette on our team. She is an amazing physician who
brings integrity and wealth of knowledge about pediatric care,” said Matt Heyn,
CEO/President for Delta Health. “We are working hard to create a pediatrics clinic that is
welcoming and an environment that your children will enjoy coming to.”

Lovette’s care philosophy focuses on looking at children as a whole and she loves the
action of caring for children and meeting their unique needs.

“Children are so honest and fun, and I have a sense of wanting to protect them,” said
Lovette. “It’s my job to learn from them and to diagnose them even if they never say a
word. That’s a skill and it’s not an easy skill; it does take time and intuition.”

One of the reasons Lovette enjoys pediatrics is getting to spend time with the children
she provides care for. She loves joking with them, talking with them and learning what
they need so that they walk away from her office feeling better.

“I’m not the kind of doctor that walks [into the room] and just looks at the computer
screen,” said Lovette. “We like to interact with our kids, we like to enjoy our time with
our kids, and we want them to want to come to see us. We truly care about the children
in this community, and it is my commitment to make this an amazing pediatrics

For Lovette, pediatrics means understanding that children’s disease processes vary
from adults and they have a different set of needs like immunizations. Pediatrics is a
specialty, she said, and it specifically requires understanding how to address the needs
of children.

Lovette did her training at the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, Texas and fell in love
with pediatrics during her third year as a medical student as she was finishing up her
pediatrics rotation.

“I held the hand of a patient when they passed away and had to document their time of
death,” said Lovette. “I saw a child with cancer leave the hospital cured, and I had
children with cancer bounding around the hallways asking me to dance with them.”
During Lovette’s medical training evaluation, the attending physician, who she greatly
admired, told her: “Amanda, if my children were younger and if I had to choose a
pediatrician, I would pick you.”

“I had planned to go into family practice, but that day I decided to go into pediatrics,”
said Lovette.

The Delta Health Pediatrics clinic was created with children in mind, and the Delta
Health staff is building a team that is dedicated to the care of children, and who are
willing to go above and beyond providing just medical needs.

“If we find that a family is a little short on food one week and we hear about it, we’re
going to look for ways to help that family,” said Lovette. “We want our community to
know that we are experts in the care of their children and [the hope is they] come away
feeling like they were heard, that their children were cared for and that we care for their
[children] as much as they do.”

Making the move from Texas to the Western Slope was an easy decision for Lovette, her
husband and their two dogs. Although her two sons still live in the south, Lovette is
excited to live near the mountains and to be able to enjoy fishing, hiking and the
outdoor activities that she and her husband love.

“I also love photography,” said Lovette. “It’s one of my hobbies, and I’ve taken a trip to
Easter Island and Patagonia in Chile [to do] photography. It’s a real passion of mine and
here [in Colorado] I will have plenty of opportunities to do so.”

The final Delta Health Pediatrics clinic will be located at 296 Stafford Lane Suite B in
Delta and will provide care for children ages zero to 18 years old and upwards of age 21.
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