Delta Health Receives the First Premium PET/CT Scanner on the Western Slope

Delta Health Receives the First Premium PET/CT Scanner on the
Western Slope

Delta, CO (January 13, 2022) –Delta Health is excited to announce the arrival of the Cartesion Prime Digital PET/CT system by Cannon Medical Systems USA Inc. The Cartesion Prime help clinicians produce high-quality images consistently and routinely, paving the way for improved image quality, the ability to better visualize lesions, and possibly reduce a patient’s time in the scanner.

“We are excited and honored to be the first healthcare system on the Western Slope to have this dual Digital PET/CT system,” said Matt Heyn, President and CEO of Delta Health. “Innovative technologies like this is what we need to continue providing the best care to our patients. One of our tax initiative priorities was to update our technologies to provide better access to care – and this will do just that.”

The machine arrived at Delta Health on November 29th and hallmarked its first patient at the beginning of the year. The Digital PET/CT scanner is designed to help healthcare providers deliver more personalized care.

“The people of Delta County deserve quality care found through technology,” said Heyn. “Just because we live in a rural community doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have access to these innovative tools that are going to propel our health system forward and fulfill our commitment to provide quality care.”

The Digital PET/CT scanner will provide faster exams at a lower dose with better image quality than traditionally acquired during both the PET and CT acquisitions. The new premium Digital PET/CT scanner is specially designed to help healthcare providers deliver more personalized care.

“This is a game changer for Delta Health,” said Kevin Fischer, RRT, FAARC, and Cardiopulmonary/Radiology Director. “We have previously been using a mobile PET scanner that would come to the hospital campus at various times, but having this scanner full-time will allow us to elevate our level of care. It’s so important for Delta Health clinicians to have the technology available at their fingertips to help them determine the right course for their patient.”

The Cartesion Prime Digital PET/CT system provides optimal PET/CT imaging and workflow with a patient and operator-centric design, along with innovative features to help clinicians guide their business with confidence, including:

  • Advanced silicon photomultiplier design with one-to-one coupling for increased clinical confidence.

  • Fast Time-of-Flight resolution for high-quality images and increased productivity.

  • Large axial field of view to provide fast scans and a comfortable experience for patients. The large axial field of view also improves the scanner’s sensitivity which can be used for dose efficiencies that can impact patients and operators.

  • Air-cooling technologies support more attractive siting and long-term maintenance requirements compared to water-cooled systems.

“Thank you to the residents of Delta County for having confidence in us to continue providing remarkable care,” said Heyn. “We are excited to start off this year with this new technology, and we look forward to a bright future.”

To learn more about the Cartesion Prime Digital PET/CT system, visit or call Delta Health at 970.874.7681 or visit


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